“Iron 27 is making a difference in the lives of Fathers and young men. The commitment by the leadership to make a difference is quite impressive. This group is much more about building character and results rather than just planning activities. I support all that they are doing to change lives.”

Steve Arterburn - President, New Life Ministries and author of the book “Every Young Man’s Battle"

Our purpose is to promote a community-wide team of like-minded fathers who band together to raise their sons to be godly, protective and intelligent young men who honor the Lord and serve their community. We aim to accomplish this goal by:

  • Providing a circle of friends for boys and like-minded fathers who form a team of encouragement and a family of accountability.
  • Encouraging a healthy, stable and sensitive masculinity that honors God and brings security to people.
  • Train our boys to grow into leaders, to protect women and children, and to support other like-minded young men in doing the same.
  • To help fathers create a personalized rite of passage into manhood for their sons.

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